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IISE 2017-2018 Annual Report

Here is IISE’s first annual report. This was a transition year, refocusing on three international and global themes for research, teaching and outreach:

(1) Connecting the Local and the Global, with a focus on “Acting Locally, Sharing Globally”

(a)   Strengthening the Visiting Scholars’ research and networking program

(b)   Strengthening the Symposium series to generate greater academic engagement

(c)   Strengthening institutional partnerships

(d)   Participation in International Education Week

(2)  Preparing a Global Generation

(a)   Supporting international and global education in course teaching across the school

(b)   Supporting in-class collaborative research and writing projects

(c)   Promoting “Study Abroad” activities

(3)  Globally Engaging in Gendered and Inclusive Development

(a)   Building community partnerships, locally and globally

(b)   Creating installations to share course projects, locally and globally

(c)   Active participation in the multidisciplinary Gender-Sexuality & Women Studies

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Highlighted Team Members

Maureen McClure

Director, Institute for International Studies in Education (IISE)

Maureen W. McClure is the director of IISE. A former chair of the Department of Administrative and Policy Studies in…


Dao Nguyen

Program Coordinator, IISE

Dao Nguyen is IISE's Program Coordinator. She is responsible for IISE's daily operations, administrative procedures, and facility inventory. She also helps…


Xi Wang

Program Coordinator, IISE

Xi Wang is IISE's program coordinator. She is also a fourth-year Ph.D. Student in Social and Comparative Analysis in Education Program,…


Maureen K. Porter

Associate Director, IISE

Maureen Porter, an anthropologist of education, studies the social construction of “education” and situated learning in culturally-specific communities of practice.…

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