Seth J. Spaulding

Director, IISE – 1994-1995


Address:  University of Pittsburgh, 5706 Wesley W. Posvar Hall, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Prof. Emeritus Seth Spaulding is a former Director of the UNESCO International Bureau of Education in Geneva, Switzerland (from 1983-1986). In addition, Spaulding was UNESCO Director of the School and Higher Education Department in Paris from 1968-1973. Prof. Spaulding is the founder of the former International Development Education Program (IDEP) at the University of Pittsburgh and a key figure in establishing Pitt’s University Center for International Studies (UCIS). Over his lengthy career, Prof. Spaulding established international credibility as one of the founders of the fields of Development Education and Education in Nations in Crisis. More recently, Prof. Spaulding has been involved with consultancies for comparative and private education in Nepal, Mongolia, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.