Korean Council Symposium: Whitler North Korea

Pictured from left to right are Heejin Park, John Weidman, Lawrence Feick, James Jacob, Bruce Cumings, James Cook, Rachel Jacobson, Gordon Flake

Korea Council symposium: Whither North Korea, sponsored by the Asian Studies Center, the Korea Council of the University of Pittsburgh, and the World Affairs Council, was held in the Frick Fine Art Building at the University of Pittsburgh on 14 March 2012. During the symposium, two of the U.S.’s most astute Korea-watchers—Bruce Cumings of the University of Chicago and L. Gordon Flake of the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation—joined the discussion and gave the following presentations listed respectively: "The Kims' Three Bodies: Dynastic Succession and its Antecedents in North Korea" and "1994 Redux: North Korea's Third Generation Hereditary Succession and what it means for China, South Korea, and the United States".